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Polykey's Grand Launch Event

· 2 min read
Aditya Varma


On December 8, 2023, at our Sydney headquarters, Polykey was launched. The event marked a major milestone for Matrix AI after three years of intense innovation and engineering.

The event began with a presentation by Roger, Polykey's founder. He introduced Polykey's philosophy and core features, including encrypted vault storage and Gestalt-based sharing. Roger also discussed digital identities in Polykey's secret sharing infrastructure.

Next, Polykey Enterprise was previewed. It's the peak of Polykey's offerings, turning the open-source framework into a robust enterprise solution for managing and delegating sensitive information within organizations.

The event also unveiled and Polykey dashboards. These platforms offer real-time insights into active nodes, improving user experience and control.

As the presentation concluded, guests were invited to a meticulously arranged refreshment break.

This interlude provided a perfect opportunity for the diverse assembly of tech enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators to network and share insights.


After the presentations, guests enjoyed a refreshment break. It was a time for networking and sharing insights among tech enthusiasts and industry leaders.

The event continued with a presentation by Amy Yan. Amy discussed her role in developing js-rpc, Matrix AI's RPC library. She highlighted js-rpc's advanced streaming methods, including raw, server, client, duplex streaming, and unary data transmission.


The final segment featured a live demonstration by Brian Botha. He showcased the Polykey CLI client's features like vault creation, secret sharing, and a git-based log system for tracking changes to secrets. He also demonstrated how new Polykey agents are integrated into the network.

For those who could not attend or wished to revisit the demonstration, the Polykey team provided a link to the Polykey launch video, capturing the essence of the demonstration:

Polykey Launch Video:

This concluding segment of the Polykey Launch Event perfectly encapsulated the blend of technical excellence and user-centric design that Polykey embodies. It provided a tangible showcase of Polykey's capabilities, leaving the attendees with a profound appreciation of the innovation and expertise driving the Polykey project forward.