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Polykey Updates Since Beta CLI Release

· 3 min read
Pablo Padillo
Chief Proliferator

Hello Polykey Community!

It’s been some time since our last major update—the beta launch back in November. Our Sydney-based engineers have been hard at work enhancing the Polykey CLI and adding powerful new features. Matrix AI has undergone a few exciting changes that will significantly impact the company's growth and the development of Polykey.

Here’s what’s new:

Latest Enhancements

  • Cross-Platform Installation: In addition to Linux, Polykey CLI is now available on Mac and Windows. For detailed installation instructions based on your operating system, check out our updated installation guide in the Polykey Docs. (Polykey-CLI#152)

  • CLI Standard Output Improvements: We've standardized CLI outputs across all interactions to ensure a consistent user experience. (Polykey-CLI#22)

  • Advanced Monitoring with Audit Domain: We're advancing our monitoring capabilities to offer improved visibility and control. (Polykey-CLI#177)

  • Optimized Node Discovery: Enhanced feedback mechanisms in node discovery improve network operations and independence. (Polykey#162)Discovery Feedback

  • Secure Environment Handling: The $ polykey secrets env command securely injects environment variables from your encrypted vault directly into your system's local environment. This feature sets a new standard for secure data management both at rest and in use. Excited to share more about this feature's use-cases soon. (Polykey-CLI#31)

  • Fault-Tolerant Notifications: Experience asynchronous notifications, enhancing system responsiveness and fault tolerance. (Polykey#703) Asynchronous Notifications

Critical Bug Fixes

  • Connection Stability: We've fortified network stability to prevent unexpected node crashes. (Polykey#592)
  • Authentication Enhancements: Increased the Authentication Timeout window, improving user experience during the authentication process when running $ polykey identities authenticate (Polykey#588)
  • Resource Leak Fix: Fixed issue with timers not properly cleaning up, preventing potential crashes. (js-timer#15)
  • Node Discovery Overhaul: Decentralized node discovery now improves overall network connectivity. (Polykey#618)
  • NAT Hole Punching Fix: Addressed challenges with NAT hole punching to ensure consistent node communications. (Polykey#605)

Recent Events & Organization Updates

  • Key Hires and Team Expansion: Recent months have seen exciting additions to our team, enhancing both our technical and marketing capacity. New roles include front-end engineers, back-end engineers, AI/ML specialists, and a marketing lead technical support specialist.
  • Polykey Enterprise Development: We are actively enhancing Polykey Enterprise (PKE) to provide a hybrid mandatory discretionary policy network, allowing admins to enforce security policies robustly. We applied to YCombinator Summer 2024 to accelerate this development. We have some GUI prototypes in the works for the PKE which we're eager to share with you soon.
  • Venture Miami Phase II: We're making waves in Phase II of Miami's largest incubator program, gearing up for a demo day on June 20th that promises to showcase our advancements to potential angel investors.
  • Engagement at Major Events: Our participation at Eth Denver and SXSW in Austin has significantly expanded our network and fostered key collaborations.

Engage and Explore

We’re eager to hear your feedback as we continue to refine Polykey. Engage with us through feature requests or issues on our GitHub or in our Discord server.

Stay Tuned

Explore the vast possibilities with Polykey. Download the latest updates, try out new features, and share how they've impacted your workflow.

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