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Try the Polykey Demo Yourself!

· 2 min read
Pablo Padillo
Chief Proliferator

Polykey Now Available for Mac & Windows

Since its initial launch in December 2023 for Linux, we've expanded Polykey's availability.
As of March 2024, you can now use Polykey on both Mac OS and Windows!

Best Way to Get Started:

Download Polykey by following the installation guides tailored to your operating system,
available here:

Explore Through Our Demo Video

Watch our demo video to see Polykey in action. The video covers basic yet crucial functionalities:

  • Starting Polykey
  • Creating and managing Vaults
  • Adding and viewing Secrets within Vaults
  • Authentication and identity features with GitHub
  • Discovering and trusting other Polykey users
  • Sharing Vaults securely

Special Note on the Demo: This video showcases interactions that require two separate users to demonstrate the feature of sharing vaults.
While this is a key aspect of Polykey’s collaborative capabilities, remember that Polykey also offers robust solutions for individual users, such as securely managing .env files. We will explore this in more detail in an upcoming post.

We Want Your Feedback

Connect with us on our Matrix AI Discord Server to share your feedback and discuss how you use Polykey in your own setups.