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This section of the documentation serves as a "human-maintained" guide to the Polykey-Core module. It's designed to provide developers and users with an accessible, conceptual understanding of the key components and architectural decisions of Polykey-Core. Below, you will find categorized information focusing on the most important aspects that are relevant for using and extending Polykey.


The card list below outlines several critical areas of Polykey-Core, focusing on:

  1. Important Types & Data Structures - Understanding the fundamental data structures used within Polykey-Core.
  2. Important Objects and Classes - Insight into the main objects and classes, how they are used, and their interactions within the system.
  3. Important Architecture - Overview of the architecture, highlighting how major components work together.

Each of these sections aims to provide insights that are less about the specific code and more about the usage and rationale behind the design and implementation. This is in contrast to the autogenerated documentation, which focuses on detailed API specifications and internal implementation details.

For comprehensive details on every aspect of the Polykey-Core API, including specifics that are automatically generated from the source code, please visit our autogenerated API documentation.


In the future, individual pages within this section will include direct links to their corresponding autogenerated documentation to ensure that users can easily switch between high-level overviews and in-depth technical details.